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Edwin Allen
Published by: Edwin Allen on 08-Jun-20
Welcome to My Website


The first blog on a new website is always  a little difficult, just what does one talk about, a brief introduction of the person whose blog it is? That is one thought, what is the site going to be about is another, as is how can it help those who visit the site.


My name is Edwin Stuart Allen, often referred to by Stuart as I am a fifth generation Edwin, you can imagine the fun when I was born, as both Granddad and Dad were called Ted or Teddy, Mum refused to have me known as Edwin , hence Stuart, though many times on the net Edwin appears as it is my legal first name.  

Over a number of years I have had a very varied career, this includes twenty four years in the Royal Air Force, trained as an engineer  spending the last few years in the training world.  Finishing by being part of the team that designed the SNCO's Management School for the Royal Air Force.

This is where I finally found my vocation, training and management.  After leaving the Air Force, I worked for a number of companies designing training courses and also teaching.

Since retiring I have been involved in Internet Marketing, having had my own brand "Learning and Wealth" for quite a while.

Decided to join World Profit in addition to my other arms as it offers some avenues which I do not have access too under one roof.


It is my intention to use these blogs to show you just what is available should you decide to join as an associate, this is free, but does have upgrades available, should you decide to join and then upgrade, I will receive a small commission.

This site is still being developed, which is hardly surprising given the amount of material which I am able to call upon. 

On both sidebars you will notice a number of headings or articles which you can visit to find out more about what World Profit offers.

The reason for the title of this website, is that World Profit, does offer you a large number of systems, training and general help on how you can, not only run your business on line, but do so profitably.  In other words the complete tool box to enable you to succeed.

Some of the things which I have discovered are the excellent  pre-written advertisements, an ad tracker, a lead magnet system, a landing page builder, to name but a few. 

In fact there are some forty main headings, each with a number of sub-headings.


Over the  coming weeks I hope to bring you articles and offers to enable your business to grow through my blogs.  Some of the blogs will be about general matters, others specific to a certain subject, they will also have links when considered needed to other sites.

It is my hope that this site will also teach you in a variety of ways, my main site at will often be used to direct you to specific articles, if I think that they will help.

However have decided to leave this first blog link free.

Until the next time, stay safe.