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Edwin Allen
Published by: Edwin Allen on 03-Mar-22
Goal Setting


Welcome back to the website.

No excuses for my absence merely doing other things on my other websites, such as writing books and getting funnels ready.

It dawned on me when I received my re-billing for my Platinum Membership that I did have a website that was really ready to go just totally ignored, also that I was trying to do too much so have had to have a total rethink with regard to how I run my business.  The answer is simple concentrate on World Profit, this site has the ability to make me a lot of money, it just requires some hard work  studying and dedication.

There is so much on here that can make people very comfortable indeed.

Have added the post from George which you will find before this one, just to show you what you can do on this site and earn yourself some cash, apologies for those who have already had a look at this one.

Appreciate that last year I did do a post on   daily planning today I have changed it slightly, I was getting so that I was not at all organised, did not have a clue as to what I should really be doing.  Then realised set yourself goals and do them.

How I do that is simple, at a weekend , usually a Sunday Evening, I enter into my Diary or planner one or two tasks to do each day, then I make sure that I do them.  As other items need doing they are then also added, some days these tasks have to be carried over.  Believe me the system does work.

So that anyone who wishes to can contact me easily have now got an email dedicated to my associates at World Profits it is  Please do contact me there if you have any questions.regarding my site or anything that you think that I can help with regarding World Profits.

Should mention that this is in addition to  the mail connected to my website here.

I do intend to blog on a more regular basis, but will not promise that it will be every week, more when I think that I have something of use to impart to you.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy